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Be a Ghostbuster!!! with PS4 VR

There are so many fantastic, hi-end graphic games being made for the PS4. BUT it will be this that really....I mean REALLY sells me to NEED a PS4. As a Child being a Ghostbuster was all I wanted and needed, I aint afraid o no Ghost. I can remember my Mum and Dad buying me a White Ghostbusters Shirt… read more >

Things NEVER said while assembling Items from Ikea NSFW

WARNING: STRONG COURSE LANGUAGE VIDEO Troy Kinne never fails to make me laugh, and although I have never ever been to an Ikea...I have asembeled my fair share of Flatpack furnature. I must be the ONLY person that ACTUALLY enjoys building Flatpack furnature. It was my Favorite thing to do when I… read more >
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The NEW Tuckshop

Tuck Shop was a luxury that my parents couldn't really afford. As a Treat in primary school my Sister and I were allowed a tuckshop order once a week on a Friday. All I had enough for usually was a Hotdog, Chelsey Bun and a packet of Burger Men and Maybe 20c… read more >

Mr Bean As you have never seen him before

Mr Bean was the Comedey Hit of the 90s for sure. ABC certainly had a winner when they Aired the 1st episode on Aussie Television all those decades ago. We laughed, we Cried with Laughter, and we Struggled to breath with Laughter over his zany, crazy antics.… read more >

The Worlds Greatest Shave 2017!

Thank You! I just cannot say thank you enough to all the supporters of this years Shave, and also to all the people that Helped Donate to my Wife Ashleigh's Worlds Greatest Shave Campagine. With all of the Donations Ashleigh was able to raise over $4000.00… read more >

Worlds Greatest Shave Saturday 18th At Stockland Bundaberg

Saturday is the Big Day at Stockland Bundaberg, Near Just Cuts and Chippendals entrance at 11am the 18th. The Major Shave event will kick into high gear and so Far for promising to lose the Locks, My Most amzing Wife has managed to help Raise close to… read more >

The $100 Donut

No one, I repeat NO ONE tell Sabre Norris about this Donut...She will spend her entire fortune in one foul swoop with these glittering bad boys......"The $100 Donut" ...but is it worth it? find out read more >
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Most satisfying Domino topple

I must admit I watched this one without sound.....it is way better. I cannot even imagine the stress levels these Domino stackers must have gone through to not have the hand shakes and acccidentally knock over a Domino. "Oh NoooooOOOooOoOOo!!" thankfully a… read more >

How Adele Sneeks Past

You would not want to have a fear of small spaces, when My Wife and I went to see Adele, our Friend said "Look out for the Yellow box, she is in a Yellow Box". We thought it was Some sort of Elevator that was going to lift her down from the roof or somthing… read more >

$1000 for your $1 Coin????

Coin collectors are going CRAZY right now, as they are on the Hunt for very RARE and VALUABLE $1 Australian coins that have a "Double Edge" due to a Mint Printing erroe back in the Year 2000. depending on the ware and condition of these 2000 year stamped… read more >

Gems to give a go on Netflix

Did you Binge watch Crown in 1 Day? Stranger Things in even less time? Waiting for the New episodes of Designated Survivor?? Well thanks to YouTube Looper have compiled a list of Great Shows to watch on Netflix Check it out read more >

Things NEVER said in the Office

If you work in an Office Workplace, certainly you can appreciate this one! It has all the Humour with a very cheeky dig at "The Office Workplace" How many things can you check off this list of things "never" said :P read more >



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