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No Scrubs?

Ed Sheeran has been in the Aussie charts at number 1 for the last 10 weeks with "Shape of You" and he's now credited the writers of TLC's "No Scrubs" to his song. There's no word if it was because…

How Embarrassing!!!!

As a former teacher I've heard some great stories from kids about their home lives. Some have you in stitches and I'm sure there are plenty of Mum's and Dad's out there that have had some pretty…
not marrying

Yeah...All That Spit!

I love the honesty of little ones. It cracks me up hearing their logic. This little…
big chook

Big Chook!

My youngest son has a hen house full of chickens and he sells the eggs to make a bit…

Interruption Turned

It didn't take long for the spoofs to come thick and fast......hahaha. (Photo:…

What's a Millennial?

It's the boss's birthday today and I thought he'd appreciate a little reminder of…
boyfriend app


Ok Guys, if you're into dating apps then you're obviously a lover of a little…

Beyonce & Thomas?

This puts a whole new meaning to Thomas the Tank....or is that Beyonce's tank....lol…

Coin Could Be Worth A Mint

Check your Piggy Banks People...you could be sitting on a small fortune. According…

Windy Opening

When you're little sometimes the smallest tasks can be difficult. Just reaching the…
coke vs

Coke vs Coke Zero

Do you love your soft drink? We all know that there's copious amounts of sugar in…

Isaiah Firebrace Eurovision 2017

He won X-Factor Australia last year, now Isaiah Firebrace is heading to Eurovision…



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