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So the kids are home, and with Easter just around the corner, it is the perfect time to get out the craft box and make some easter bonnets or hats!

And although there may not be the chance for them to parade them in the traditional easter bonnet school parade they can still join in the fun and submit them to our Online Easter Bonnet gallery!

To save you time searching for ideas we have gathered some inspiration for you, here are our Top 3!


What you'll need

- Paper plate

- Black Pencil

- Pink Paper

- Scissors 

- Gluestick


1. In the centre of the paper plate, draw some bunny ears.

2. Using the scissors, cut around the shape of the ears, leaving the base of the ears attached to the bottom of the plate. (Note: remove the middle paper section that is left between the ears).

3. Carefully fold the ears up.

4. Fold the pink paper in half, draw on the paper the shape of the inner ear, and with the scissors cut out this shape. 

5. Once you have your pink inner ear cut out, use the glue stick to stick the pink paper to the inside of the ear.

6. Carefully fold down the rim of the paper plate so it appears to look like the brim of a hat.

7. Pop on your little one's head.

NOTE: You can add extra decoration to this with coloured glitter in the ears, cotton balls or adding extra decorations to the brim of the hat.


What you'll need

- Small & Large foam eggs

- 2 big sheets of coloured cardboard

- Paint and paintbrush

- Decorative paper, feathers and ribbon

- Glue and double-sided tape

- Scissors

- 30cm Ruler

- Stapler


1. Take your small and large foam eggs, using your scissors cut them straight down the middle to halve them.

2. Next with your paint and paint-brush, you will need to paint all of your foam eggs halves to match your colour scheme (think pink and purple, blue and green, pink, red and orange, the choices are endless). Once you have painted all eggs right to the edge sit them aside to dry.

3. While they are drying take one sheet of coloured cardboard and measure 30cm from the bottom with your ruler and mark. Also, measure and mark 2cm from the bottom.

4. With your ruler draw a line all the way across the cardboard sheet and using your scissors cut out the 30cm rectangle you have drawn.

5. Take your ruler and pencil and draw a line all the way across the bottom where you marked 2cms earlier.

6. Now with your scissors, you need to make little incisions all the way along keeping them within the 2cm border.

7. With your decorative paper, you now want to cover the cardboard rectangle starting just above the 2cm border (which forms the base of the hat). You can either use your glue or double-sided tape at this time to stick the paper to the cardboard. 

8. Now its time to decorate your hat!

9. Take your double-sided tape and add four stripes to the bottom of your decorative paper (again just above the 2cm border) remove the backing of the tape and start decorating!

10. This is the fun part using your feathers, ribbon and foam eggs start decorating your hat, this part is really up to you, get your children involved and get them to help arrange their hat.

11. Once everything has dried and you have finished decorating pick up your hat from the two outside edges and curl into a circle to create a hat. Using your stapler, staple the top and bottom of the hat.

12. To create the brim, tip your hat onto the second piece of cardboard and using a pencil trace on the inside of the circle shape (same size as the hat).

13. Using your pencil draw a rough circle around the outside of the circle you have just made this will be the brim. Take your scissors and cut this shape out.

14. With your double-sided tape, you now want to cut out little bits to stick all around the base of your hat, this will be where you attach the brim. (Tip: make a cut in your brim, this will make it easier to attach to your hat).

15. Pop on your little one's head.


What you'll need

- 1x Sparkly Jazz Hat

- String

- A packet of mini Easter eggs

- Chicks

- Scissors

- Sticky Tape

- Metal Skewer

- Glue


1. Take both your string and scissors and cut 10-15 pieces each of around 20cm each (this does not need to be precise).

2. Using your sticky tape attach the lengths of string individually to 10-15 mini chocolate Easter eggs. 

3. Next, take your metal skewer and use it to pierce 10-15 holes all around the rim of the hat (Tip: heat the tip on the gas hob on your stovetop, if you have one).

4. Now attach your mini chocolate eggs all the way around the hat, simply thread the string through the holes and tie a knot to keep in place.

5. Add any extra decorations, you were able to find - in this case, little chickens to the brim of the hat.

6. Pop on your little one's head.

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