A story of survival

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A story of survival

Meet Poppy the amazing cat who miraculously survived a half an hour cycle in the washing machine.

Poppy’s owners were getting ready for bed on a normal Friday evening when they realized their family cat was nowhere to be seen.

"I thought Poppy was on one of their beds [kids], and they thought she was in with me in the lounge room," Ms Burr told the ABC, "I think she must've gotten in between me moving the washing basket out and getting the second load in.”

When Ms Burr discovered her beloved pet was in the washing machine, she feared the worst, that Poppy had died.

"I thought her neck was broken, she was limp, she wasn't breathing [well]," Ms Burr said.

After the ordeal, Poppy was wrapped in a towel and rushed to Launceston's Animal Medical Centre.

Despite all this, she suffered no fractures or permanent damage.

Here she is below with Dr Lisa Reynolds. 

Hopefully Poppy won’t try this again, ever.

Image: Pexels