Fifa 18 Review Xbox PS4 Switch

"If it ain't broke. don't fix it" feels like it applies to Fifa 18 after what I thought was a very successful game in Fifa 17.

18 feels fairly similar and there are a few new ideas that have been implemented really well, however, I feel like last season they really nailed the game of football and it's defensive quirks. This season the focus is more on attack and scoring spectacular goals from distance which is great for exciting matches but is a bit of a step away from the trusted football simulator we know and love. 

The Journey is back and all new as we experience a new part of Alex Hunter's football life and it's a nice continuation of that story and a good reason to get the new version of the game each year.

The animations of all of the stadiums, players and crowd have improved slightly and the lighting adds a really nice touch to the overall gaming experience. 

If you choose a slower lower level team you'll know it as the high-level players will zip past you with ease, likewise, if you choose to play with Messi or Ronaldo or other players of that level you will be unbeatable in a horribly predictable way. 

The game is very different on Nintendo Switch as it doesn't use the Frostbite engine so there is no "The Journey" and the rest of the game feels more like a mobile version of the game rather than the real deal. It is still very playable but I would've hoped that a system that seems to be able to run some quite graphically challenging games would have little issue with Fifa, I think a direct port would've been a much better option. 

I have always recommended FIFA games over all other Football games and this addition is no different, there is an improvement here, it's just very slight.

Xbox / PS4 = 3 out of 5

Nintendo Switch = 2.5 out of 5