Super Mario Odyssey - Review

It's being dubbed "The Greatest Ever Sandbox Style Game" putting it above games like GTA and I can see why. 

Super Mario Odyssey is colourful, fun and unique, in fact it takes everything great about the Nintendo classic Mario 64 and makes it a thousand times better.

It's bigger than anything we have seen before, and even though it's not technically "open world" it certainly gives the feeling of it, probably not to the extent that Zelda: Breath of the wild though.

You may have heard that Mario is no longer a plumber and it shows in this game more than anything. The statement should be that he is not "just" a plumber as a character he wears many hats and the best hat he has ever worn comes in the form of his new companion "Cappy" who allows you to traverse the environment and solve game puzzles by "possessing" objects and other characters. This is a seamless integration to the game and could easily have been a clunky part of the game. The game developers have done an amazing job with Cappys control.


(pic Nintendo)


The Switch system hasn't been praised for its power but with this game, it feels like surely it is being used to its capacity.

The 3D animations are smooth and the environments feel massive. Zelda managed to pull this off with a stylised pallet but Mario is full of colour, animation and speed and just looks fantastic. 

The best thing about the game is once you finish the main story you will still be wanting to go back in and play more, it seems like an endless bag of fun with new secrets popping up all the time. 

At the start of the year we were all saying that Zelda would be the Game of the Year, but now it seems Nintendo will be competing with itself as Super Mario Odyssey is not only the best game this year, it's going to go down in gaming history as one of the best of all time. 

No disappointments it's a 5 out of 5!