Ubisoft Announces Games In the Next Year

Ubisoft has announced a few of their major titles will get further sequels in the coming year. 

Assasin Creed will see a new installment which is exciting but a no brainer. The Crew will get it's first sequel at this stage simply called The Crew 2. 

But the big one for me is the announcement that FAR CRY will recieve an offical 5th title. Far Cry Primal was often refered to as FAR CRY 5 but was actually a stand alone that some gamers believed was created from Far Cry 4. So the announcement that an actual Far Cry 5 is in development is very exciting for fans who are looking forward to where this franchise can take us next. There were rumors that it would be the Wild West but that is yet to be confirmed. 


If you missed Primal you can probably still grab it in a bargain bin and it is totally worth it!