How to Deal with the "After Storm Insects"

After all the wild weather and the associated clean up, the creepy crawlys tend to launch an invasion whilst we rest up. You can hit them with any range of chemicals - they work, but most of them stink, and they don't taste so good when you breathe them in either.
A flyswatter can be effective, but who has enough energy to swat thousands of times a night after a long day?
And ignoring them isn't even a viable option...
Good news! There are some easy ways to discourage the insect population from taking up residence at your place. Check out what these plants repel:
LAVENDER: mosquitoes, flies, fleas, moths
BASIL: mosquitoes, flies
MARIGOLD: mosquitoes, aphids
CATNIP: mosquitoes
PEPPERMINT: mosquitoes, ants, spiders
ROSEMARY: fleas, ticks
And the added bonus is that these all either smell or taste great, so you get double the benefit. One of them will even give your moggy a great weekend...  :)