Roseanne Returns to TV, It's 90s Sitcom GOLD

in the 90s, Roseanne was a Staple in most Aussie households, on Channel 10 it was ranked up there as a Number 1 along with the X Files and the Simpsons! Roseanne was Comedy Gold. HOWEVER the Final season, much like Home Improvement and Mad About You....."It was a bit of a Stinker" The Final Season of Roseanne was the Worst of the Worst, but It came at a time when the Majority of 90s Sitcoms were indeed coming to an end, some.....If not MOST had "Jumped the Shark" ....If you dunno that Referance.....then you dunno TV..."Go back and watch some" :P 

Roseanne left on such a Bad note with massive fans...Like Myself, having bought and owned the entire series on DVD....those last 2 discs where snapped into shards, coated in flamable liquids, sent in a home made bottle rocket into outerspace where it promptly exploded as it neared the Sun. That Last Season was so Bad I refuse to Aknowledge  it's existance within the Roseanne storyline arch. ANd thank GOODNESS too, as there could BE NO NEW ROSEANNE.....It left off where the last good season ended, and it looks like it is going to be a trip down memory lane for some. I watched  the teasers for it on American abc during the Super Bowl 52 and they STILL have that Peice-o-crap Couch! Actually as crummy as their couch looks, being an Adult now I wonder where the Hell they bought it from, because with daily use since the early 90s......"Thats one Freakin amazing durable couch!!!!" ......I'm too old :P