The Worlds Greatest Shave 2017!

Thank You! I just cannot say thank you enough to all the supporters of this years Shave, and also to all the people that Helped Donate to my Wife Ashleigh's Worlds Greatest Shave Campagine. With all of the Donations Ashleigh was able to raise over $4000.00 for the Leukaemia Foundation. Donations are still coming in, and if you have not donated, you still can even though the Major shave event is over. I do not know the exact date but in a few Months we will have a final Figure on how much has been raised.

A Massive thank you to Stockland, the Team from Just Cuts and to all the Volenteers on the Day, you all helped create a fantastic atmosphere and a massive Shave event. A MASSIVE thank you goes out to all the Individuals that had Shaved their hair on the Saturday, and helped to raise donation Money. A HUGE shoutout goes out to Maxine who donated her time and her Henna Tattoo skills on the Shave day, Henna Goddess M Thank you for your Amazing Henna Crown for Ashleigh. 

And with the day being filled with so much enthusiasm, Last second I had my Head Shaved also.

Here are some Pics Of my Wife and Myself and Son on the Day.

It was all very emotional.