Mr Bean As you have never seen him before

Mr Bean was the Comedey Hit of the 90s for sure. ABC certainly had a winner when they Aired the 1st episode on Aussie Television all those decades ago. We laughed, we Cried with Laughter, and we Struggled to breath with Laughter over his zany, crazy antics. 

You also know when a TV show was a Massive success in the 90s, when they simply HAD to make a cheesey Movie that would be a blockbuster, make Millions but secretly fans would say "Gee, it was a bit of a cash-in on success with that one hey??" 

Mr Bean even had a movie on the big screen. I think any of the sequals were direct to video. 

But here is a Movie unlike any of Beans that you would have seen. "Mr Bean...The Homicidal Maniac". The Trailer has been Re-cut to make Mr Bean look VERY dark. The Ending of this Trailer is the most funniest but darkest bit.