THOR IS HERE!!!! FIRST Official Teaser Trailer

The Hollywood Movie industry certainly knows how to build up its Movie Hype...especially when there is a countdown to a teaser Trailer!

Yes we have all been wanting to see actual film footage of the new Thor Film, especially after seeing Braveheart-Thor with much shorter hair sporting red tribal war face paint.

Well it is finally here, and after seeing a glimpse in the 80s with “Adventures in Babysitting” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092513/  It was scenes with the Car Mechanic that I first realised that my comic Book Hero "Donald Blake" AKA Thor could be more than a Comic...more than a Cartoon. Hollywood actually had heard of these characters...It wasn't just for Kids. 

FF many decades later and EVERY Thor film with Aussie Chris as the Bearded thunder God, had been witnessed in the comfort of the Big Screen Theatres...and Ragnarok will be Nooooooooo different. This looks to be the best one YET!!!!