BREAKING: New Dark Crystal Prequel to the 80s Movie

Family Favorite Jim Henson is renowned for his amazing puppets including Sesame Street, the Muppits AND the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Movie from 1990. He created magical worlds with David Bowe in Labrynth AND 80s Cult Classic....."The Dark Crystal". I THINK I can remember that Movie from when I was little but Bowe for me stole the Show....Man i cannot TELL YOU how many times I watched that Movie with the Goblin King trying to Win the Day!! "so many Video Hires....so so Many"

But Dark Crytal has been given the gift of a new life, appealing to the next generation of kids via Netflix. It's pretty sweet, but not as sweet as knowing that there is a Netflix original Seires prequel to make sense of the whole thing. THey made Comics after the 80s movie to help explain a few things, but if you didn't read em thats OK, they have this now :D