New Family Guy SCI-FI with Seth MacFarlane

I can remember watching the Premier episode of Family Guy Episode 1 late at night on Fox 8 Right after it's U.S Screen after the Super Bowl. I fell in love with that show immediatly. The following Morning when the repete episode aired, I taped the Audio with my Micro Sony recorder to listen to it at school and play the funniest one liners to my friends. Stewie was a fan favorite Hit! I remember my 1 friend saying he had watched it also and was going to get a Stewie Tattoo on him when he was old enough......funny he swapped that idea for a Barbed Wire arm Tatt at 18...'HAHAHAHAHA!" 

Family guy Seth Macfarlane was dubbed the King of Cartoons and was ontop of the World until Fox cancelled his show. It was not until the sales figures came in for DVD boxset purchases from the Fans that Fox realised they had made a huge mistake. They brought it back to the Air for a 4th season...then after season 5 it got canned again. Fox actually canned Family Guy for a total of 3 times, but it always gets brought back due to popular demand. 

Seth Became the Youngest and Highest earning Producer in History at the age of 24.

Since his Massive ammount of success, Seth has numerous spin off shows and original Shows such as "The Cleavland Show" and "American Dad". Seth also had a Major part in working with recreating Carl Sagans COSMOS...a FANTASTIC series on the Universe. Seth held the record for Highest Grossing R rated Movie until reciently with Deadpools success. It also allowed him to but his Face to the Big Screen with "A Million Ways to Die in the West" and after a few years of planning Seths Dream to be like "The Shat" and "Spok" his Childhood fav tv show "Star Trek" Seth now gets to take the Bridge in a Comical look on the SciFi Genre with The Orville.