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About Kenny:
Where do I begin when it comes to my history in radio? Does it start from secretly listening to my FM walkman to catch the crude antics of the Martin/Molloy Show…or does it begin with me calling the radio stations at night in different accents to request a song and having my poor mothers phone bill go through the roof by so many calls to 1300 numbers?

I think it started with moving from the Gold Coast to the Fraser Coast to complete my diploma in multimedia, which is where I began to learn how to edit sound and my passion grew to explore the world. After returning from several years away living in Brazil, I knew who I was as an individual and I knew how to stand out in a crowd…and before too long, I began work at the local radio station driving the cruiser and using my celebrity impersonations to promote the daily giveaways.

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Full time radio announcing came very quick from being a humble casual cruiser driver, and before you could say “mic’s up” I was already on my way to Bundaberg as a full time announcer. I think it only took a few hours before I realised Bundaberg was the town I wanted to live in. Within 12 months I bought my very first home, found the love of my life and asked for her hand in marriage. Bundaberg has been home to the greatest milestones in my life.

The greatest part of the entire experience is being a present figure within the community, and now working with Hitz939, I feel I can incolve myself in even more community events. My role has changed from what it was at SeaFM to what it is now at Hitz939 in the most fantastic way possible. Who knows what can happen in another 12 months. Stay tuned!