5 Fun Facts I Bet You Didn't Know About Meghan Markle


Just days out of her wedding nuptials with Prince Harry we have heard so many stories of this happening or that happening but I bet you didn't know these 5 fun facts about Meghan. 


#1: Her Mom's Nickname for Her Is "Flower"

No, it's not Meg, Meggy Weggy or Meggles! Doria Ragland, who is a social worker and yoga teacher, calls her daughter "Flower,". Thank goodness she didn’t call her petal


Fun Fact #2: She Could Have Handwritten Her Own Wedding Invitations

Over 10 years ago, Meghan had a little gig doing freelance calligraphy work. She did however do the invitations for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s wedding back in 2005!


Fun Fact #3: She a Former Catholic School Girl

Despite marrying into the Royal family, Meghan is a result of a Catholic education. She attended Immaculate Heart High School, which is an all-girls, Catholic, college prep school for grades 6-12. Meghan attended both middle school and high school there, she graduated in 1999. Oh and the school mascot was a panda.


Fun Fact #4: She was a High School Leader

Now during her years there at Immaculate Heart's , Meghan performed in theatrical productions at both Immaculate Heart and Loyola High School. Additionally, during her senior year, she was selected to serve as a student leader for the senior class Kairos Retreat, a coveted role typically reserved for students known for their empathy as well as their abilities to listen and guide students in reflective conversations during the four-day retreat."


Fun Fact #5: She Once Thought She'd Have a Normal Life.

Well she may have had a normal life but after this Saturday she will be a extremely known person with the Royal family.