Growing backlog for tank water deliveries

September 26, 2023 7:14 am in by

Rural residents are waiting weeks for tank water as demand soars.

Local business, Clanfield’s Water, has a five week backlog and owner Anna Clanfield says she’s never seen it this busy.

“In the beginning I put down to it was so wet last year so I wondered whether just a lot of people weren’t remembering to check their tanks so I understood that, but it’s the crazy the amount of calls I have every day,” she says.

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More people are booking in off the back of the dry conditions and with even warmer months ahead.

Bundaberg has a 40 per cent chance of an unusually dry rest of the year.

Ms Clanfield says a lot of people are booking well in advance.

“As soon as they’re getting a load they’re booking the next one or they’re booking the next two because if it doesn’t change and we don’t get storms, which fingers crossed we do, well then it’s just going to continue to be the same,” she says.

Locals are being encouraged to limit their water consumption as businesses keep up with growing deliveries.

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Ms Clanfield says people are using more than they’d think.

“An average guide from a plumber is 110 litres per person, per day. If you’ve got five people you’re using more than 500 litres a day just in the general showering, dishes and clothes washing.”


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