One Kid's Mission To Get Books To Country Kids


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Every child in Australia deserves equal access to education and books, that's what Year Five student Charlie Russell reckons anyway.

The ten-year-old has been chosen as one of the country's 15 student ambassadors for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

To celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day, Saint Joseph's is holding a book swap and are hoping others in the community will also hold a fundraiser.

But if you can't hold an event, Charlie says there's a number of ways people can get involved.

"If you look up Books For Bundaberg, there'll be like a site where you can donate to our school instead of like just bringing in a book or instead of coming here you can do it online" Charlie explained.

Saint Joseph's Indigenous education coordinator Cherie Clancy said all money raised will go towards a worthy cause, helping those in remote areas.

"They organise projects where they communicate with the remote communities and they prepare books and publish books that are relevant to those communities, so it might be talking about fables or their traditional stories that they have in that community" she finished.


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