Dramatic Scenes Play Out In Bundaberg As Part Of Docudrama

A scene from the Docudrama.  Image Credit: QPS

This week saw the Bundaberg Police and Emergency Services participate in the RACQ docudrama presented at local high schools, including year 11 and 12 students from Bundaberg High, Bundaberg Christian College and Saint Luke’s Anglican College.

The docudrama initiative is a preventative program aimed at educating our youth on the Fatal Five.

  • Drink and drug driving
  • Fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Distraction and
  • Seat belts

Students were reminded that everyone has a choice and is responsible for their own actions, whether they are the driver or a passenger in a vehicle.

A scene from the Docudrama.  Image Credit: QPS

This docudrama is about empowering and educating students to make the right choices whilst driving on our roads.

Sergeant Marrinan said that the mock scenario showed the students that if the wrong choice is made, the consequences can be dire.

“Unfortunately Emergency Services are faced with confronting and tragic scenes on our roads far too often and many of these crashes involve young people who are over represented in the crash statistics and fatalities,” Sergeant Marrinan said.

“Kids aren’t ten-foot-tall and bullet proof when they get behind a car, they make mistakes.

“They speed, they get distracted easy, use mobile phones, they don’t wear seat belts, they drink and drive, they drug and drive.

All these things go towards contributing to accidents where people get killed – we want to stop that.”