Workplace Deaths, A Worrying Trend

It has been revealed that one in five of us know someone who has been killed at work.  

The findings uncovered by the Australian Council of Trade Unions also reveal many Aussie workers suffer in the workplace.  

ACTU Assistant Secretary, Liam O'Brien said "there are over 26,000 workers and what that disturbingly tells us is nearly 80 per-cent of all workers are experiencing physical injury or psychological injury in their working lives".  

Around half of respondents claimed they had been exposed to a traumatic event, abuse, threatening behaviour or assaults in the workplace.  

Mr O'Brien said "that worrying trend that's occurring in Workplace Health and Safety that's in this report is this exposure of workers to occupational violence whether that be from customers or patients or clients, workers are being exposed to both physical and psychological injuries as a result of this violence".

The Queensland Office of Industrial Relations confirmed “On the latest data available in the 12 months to March 2019, there were three notified work related fatalities in the Bundaberg region and one in the Townsville region".

"In regards to fatalities which occurred in April, May and June, those are still under investigation and have not yet been determined" the statement concluded.  

By Michelle Price