Bundaberg Cops Busy Busting Myths


Constable Rob Bradley and Constable Brandon Barrett have taken up the challenge to bust some local myths.

Their first myth was prompted by a motorist proceeding through a red arrow in front of their marked police vehicle.

MYTH: You can turn left at a red traffic light if it is safe to do so and there is no on-coming traffic.

FALSE: You must come to a complete STOP at a red traffic light and wait for either the green turn arrow or green traffic light.

Constable Bradley said proceeding through a red traffic light, whether there is on-coming traffic or not, is an offence.

“As this is considered a life-endangering offence, police cannot use discretion and must issue a Traffic Infringement Notice or take other enforcement action,” Constable Bradley said.

As of July 1, the penalty for this offence is $400.


Constable Barrett and Constable Bradley are ready to bust some myths