Top Jobs And Where To Find Them


Image Credit: Pixabay 

Despite recent flat construction activity in Wide Bay, a handful of specific trades will be in high demand moving forward, with skills shortages identified by Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ).

An average of an extra 302 electricians, 110 plumbers and 66 tilers will be needed each year over the next three years, according to industry data.

CSQ has released a summary of the top trades predicted to be in highest demand over the 2020-2023 period, based on projected activity across Queensland’s regions.

CSQ CEO Brett Schimming said CSQ researchers used forecast building and construction activity to create a profile of the skills needed for the local industry.

“In some skill areas, upcoming demand is going to exceed available supply in the local workforce,” Mr Schimming said.

“In Wide Bay, projects are going to require a higher number of tilers, electricians and plumbers than are currently working in the region.

“This can result in increased construction costs due to delays waiting for available trades and increased charge rates for these services.

“However, while there are some trade areas which will need a boost to meet industry needs, it is encouraging to see that the general rate of apprentice hire in Wide Bay is quite healthy.

“Employers are taking on around four new apprentices for every 100 workers each year, which is above the state average of nearly three-per-hundred.

Mr Schimming said smart locals could seize the opportunity to upskill and take advantage of the current scarcity in identified high-demand trades.

“It would be savvy for local workers and employers to investigate training in these high-demand roles, to bridge the skills gaps.

“CSQ provides significant funding assistance for training in the construction industry, covering up to 75% of the training costs of funded CSQ courses.”

Go to the CSQ website to find out about CSQ–funded courses that local training providers are delivering in the Wide Bay, visit www.csq.org.au.