Eidsvold Police Play The Goose


Police visit Abercorn SS.  Credit: QPS 

Two Police Officers have paid a visit to Abercorn State School..

Abercorn State School is a small school located 30 kilometres north of Eidsvold with only 18 students and two teachers.

As the local Adopt-a-Cops, Senior Constable Geoff Price and Sergeant Mark Gawronski, called in to say hi and welcome the students back from holidays.

The students asked whether the officers had a good break from their jobs over Christmas.

The officers explained how they still had to work to keep Eidsvold safe over the school holidays.

The visit wasn’t complete without the usual questions and a request to see their policing equipment.

Unexpectedly, the officers ended up getting roped into a game of Duck, Duck, Goose with the Principle Bec Scholl and her students.


Senior Constable Geoff Price.  Image Supplied 

For the record, Sergeant Gawronski was the only person caught out in the game by a grade one student.

Might need a bit more practice before your next visit Sergeant Gawronski!