ADANI | Activists Trivialise COVID-19 Response


Activists at the entrance to the Carmichael mine site.  Image Credit: Frontline Action on Coal 

Adani has criticised protestors who turned up at the Carmichael Coal Mine site on Sunday.  

An Adani spokesperson said “We are continuing to follow all relevant advice from Queensland Health and the Federal Government on COVID-19 in order to keep our people, contractors and the community safe and protected".  

“We are disappointed that anti-fossil fuel activists are currently at our Carmichael mine site in Central Queensland [on Sunday] attempting to politicise such a serious situation.

“This is not a time for point scoring or posturing.


Activists at the entrance to the Carmichael mine site.  Image Credit: Adani 

“Our operations are continuing in line with the current recommendations and with the best interests of regional Queenslanders in mind.

“We will continue to make changes to our procedures and operations in line with the latest advice.”


Activists at the entrance to the Carmichael mine site.  Image Credit: Adani 

Frontline Action on Coal responded saying; on Sunday morning, concerned members of the public observed the Adani Carmichael mine site operating at full-swing, during a time when Australian states are closing their borders, with many states advocating for only supermarkets and pharmacies to be open.

Members of the public stated that they found the decision of Adani Australia to continue their operations amidst a global pandemic to be "risking the health and safety of employees as well as the local community".

FAC said, "Adani Australia employees and contractors travel hundreds of kilometres from around the country to get to the Carmichael site. Adani's decision to continue operations has the potential to put remote and vulnerable communities as well as fellow workers in Central QLD at risk, with the spreading of COVID-19 a likely outcome".  

"Concerned citizens, who witnessed these operations, have stated that Adani were not following appropriate protocol. They noted that Adani employees were coming within two metres of them on a public road, even after they asked them to keep their distance.

Frontline Action on Coal spokesperson Amy Booth states, "Camp Binbee has made the appropriate decision to encourage its supporters to engage in physical distancing, which includes not travelling to Camp Binbee. For Adani to continue encouraging it's employees and contractors to travel great distances, in a region where COVID-19 is not yet prevalent, is dangerous, unsafe and is far from the necessary physical distancing which health officials are urging people to do."

By Michelle Brewer