Local strawberry farm expecting fruit boom


The strawberry season is officially underway in the Bundaberg region.

July marks the beginning of the season for the strawberry industry, which has had a tough run in recent years with drought, needle contamination and now COVID-19.

Tina McPherson from Tinaberries said they've welcomed recent rain.

"Strawberries themselves don't like rain very much, but the rest of the farm desperately needed rain and the strawberry plants will be happy with the rain, so far so good this season," Ms McPherson said.

The Bureau of Meteorology recorded 11.2 millimetres of rain in Bundaberg on Thursday, with light showers again on Monday with 1.8 millimetres.

Ms McPherson said they're expecting a boom in production over the next couple of weeks.

"The runner we received this year were a little bit late so we're probably a little bit behind last year's production but this rain will have helped the plants along," Ms McPherson said.