Get ready for natural disasters

This Get Ready Week we're being reminded to prepare for natural disasters. 
Before any potential summer season surprises occur, Bundaberg Regional Council is encouraging residents to think about how they can prepare ahead of the summer months
Bundaberg Councillor Greg Barnes said there a few things we can do to prepare. 
"We're asking residents to tidy up their back yard, make sure there is no loose objects around and that sort of thing," Cr Barnes said. 
"But more importantly perhaps is to make sure you have an emergency plan in place."  
Residents are also being encouraged to hatch a plan to know what to do in any emergency. 
"If we do end up with a situation whether it be fire, flood whatever it might be, that emergency services might no be sitting by the phone waiting for you to make the call," Cr Barnes said. 
"People get very very busy so you really do need to have an emergency plan in place."