Very high fire danger for Bundy and the Wide Bay


There's a very high fire rating for Bundaberg and the Wide Bay for Friday and Saturday. 

Queensland Fire and Emergcey Service Superintendant James Haig said heightened fire ratings like these are usually the result of dry air, winds and high temps. 
"Really what that is saying is that if a fire was to start, the conditions would be more challenging for us to manage the fire," Superintendant Haig said. 
"We ask the public be very aware of that and be a bit more on guard and prepare to act."
Loclas are also being to to make sure a bushfire survival plan is ready to go. 
Superintendant Haig said a plan helps you to know what you do if a fire reachesi your area, as well as staying on top of alerts. 
"Just so that you are aware, you are not caught off guard at the last minute, you are paying attention to the conditions around you," Superintendant Haig said. 
"That's the most things.
"There are a couple of simple things that people can do to help prepare their property which might not be a bad thing too."