Winter fruit pickers desperately needed in Bundaberg


Bundaberg farmers are still struggling to find pickers for their winter crops and it could lead to prices skyrocketing at the supermarket.

The Queensland Government is trying to entice workers to regional farms by launching a new campaign called #pickqld Winter Harvest 2021.

The advertising project aims to encourage people looking for work to escape to Queensland during the colder months.

Those in Queensland who take up a job in harvesting could also receive up to $1,500 to relocate, as part of the State's Back to Work in Agriculture Incentive Scheme.

Tinaberries owner Tina McPherson says they have been struggling immensely since the pandemic shut backpackers out of the country.

"I've got my teenage kids out there planting strawberries because it's holidays and their friends, when they go back to school next week I'm going to be desperately short of labour," Ms McPherson says.

Ms McPherson  says if they can't get more workers soon, there will be a significant lack of supply for strawberries throughout the region. 

"I can't think of anywhere better to come and work for the winter, the weather here will be magnificent, the work is great and it's outside, and really as an industry we are desperate for pickers and packers," she says. 

To find a picking job in Queensland or learn more visit https://www.qld.gov.au/about/pickqld.