Inskip Point camping sites partially closed after gastro outbreak




The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service will temporarily close Sarawak and Sarawak West camping areas at Inskip Point as part of an ongoing strategy to prevent the spread of gastroenteritis.

It comes after more than 80 campers who recently stayed at Inskip Point’s Sarawak campsite came forward with gastro symptoms.

The camping areas will be closed from this Friday, November 19 until Friday, December 3 2021.

Camper numbers will also be capped to existing bookings only in the remaining camping areas during this time.

People who want to change their booking to another camping area have until 12pm on Monday, November 22.

Bookings can also be cancelled, with a full refund.

The closure of the camping areas and capping camper numbers are being implemented to rest the camping areas before the school holidays.

The decision is the result of monitoring and ongoing mitigation measures implemented by QPWS and Queensland Health to fine tune our response as evidence has come to hand.

Earlier this month Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service public health physician Dr Rod McClure said norovirus had been identified as the cause and evidence of disease transmission at the site which prompted the move to officially declare a gastro outbreak.

“Most cases resolve without treatment. It is very important to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. If you are very unwell, see your doctor, who will advise if you need any treatment,” Dr McClure said, at the time.

QPWS continues to work with Queensland Health and the Gympie Regional Council to reduce the risks and impacts on campers and mitigate the spread of gastro at Inskip Point.

People are reminded that good personal hygiene is fundamental to prevent getting sick or spreading infection.

This includes thoroughly washing hands with soap and running water after using bathroom facilities and before preparing food.

Rangers are visiting Inskip Point camping areas to provide advice, and all campers are aware of the outbreak and the need for good personal hygiene.

Inskip facilities are being cleaned regularly as per Queensland Health guidelines.

Campers are reminded to:

Maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene
Washing hands frequently with soap and water particularly after toilet visits and before preparing food or eating.
Bring your own water supply, soap, and if possible, bring your own portable toilet
Ensure every camper has their own personal towel for hand drying
Maintain safe physical distancing
Make sure you have a face mask at all times and wear it if you can’t maintain social distancing measures