"We are creating a two-tier society": Bundy locals to protest tough vaccination rules

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There are concerns Queensland's impending Covid vaccination restrictions will create a two-tiered society, according to a local community group.

Humanity Unite Bundaberg is hosting an event at North Bundy's Lions Park this weekend, to protest against the tough new rules.

From December 17, or once Queensland reaches 80 per cent fully vaccinated, those who are yet to receive a jab will be banned from venues including pubs, clubs and stadiums.

The group's Hans Jakobi says as a result, locals are being forced to shut down their businesses.

"The community feedback that we've had from businesses and people - irrespective of whether they've been jabbed or not jabbed - they are concerned that we are creating a two-tier society and we're locking out part of the people," Mr Jakobi says.

Queensland Police Service issued a statement last week, confirming businesses who do not comply with the public health directive will receive a fine of $6,892.

Individuals or patrons who do not comply will also receive a fine of $1,378.

Mr Jakobi says Saturday's protest will not include shouting, ranting or blocking bridges.

"We're having some freedom speeches, so people that are very much affected by this, people who have lost their job, people who are looking at closing their businesses," he says.

"People who don't want to force their employees into making a medical decision against their will."

PM criticises tough rules

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Yesterday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison publicly disapproved of the Queensland Premier's decision to leave unvaccinated people out of Covid freedoms.

Mr Morrison told reporters unvaccinated Queenslanders "should be able to go out and get a cup of coffee".

"As we get above 80 per cent in particular, which the scientific advice shows us and the research shows us, that means Australian's can have their lives back," he says.

"They should be able to go out and get a cup of coffee in Brisbane, when you're over 80 per cent regardless of whether you've had the vaccines or not."


But Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has hit back, calling the Prime Minister's comments "reckless" at State Parliament.

"It is extremely disappointing that the Prime Minister of our country is seeking now to undermine Queensland's strong vaccination program," she says.

"Queenslanders have supported our strong action, they have voted on this issue and they continue to support our strong stance."