Bundy strawberry season kicks off 'incredibly' early


Bundaberg's winter strawberry harvest is kicking off earlier than usual this year.

Tinaberries in Woongarra reports they began picking late last month, the earliest they've ever had their winter strawberries.

Owner Tina McPherson says it has come down to a few different factors.

"We've put in a lot of plug plants this year, so they come on earlier, and the conditions have just been perfect for growth," she says.

"Really we've been picking since just before the first of May, and that's the earliest we've ever had our winter strawberries."

Rain on the forecast for Bundaberg this week is also bittersweet news for the plants.

"It'll be ideal for them to get rain this week because we're really early in the season, there's not a lot of fruit on the plants.

"The fruit that is on the plants will probably get damaged, but in the long run the plants will be much better for having had this rain."

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