PM won't bite into racism 'slanging match'

Scott Morrison says he won't be drawn into a political "slanging match", as he remains under pressure to preference One Nation last at the next federal election.

Replacement leaders underwhelm NSW voters

Despite a booming economy and record infrastructure spending, NSW is facing political deadlock as voters struggle to decide between a relatively uninspiring premier and an at-times bumbling opposition leader.

Guns could have saved NZ victims: US group

The 50 Muslim worshippers "gunned down like sheep" at New Zealand mosques could have limited the carnage if they were carrying their own firearms, a leading American gun supporter said.

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NZ mosques not ready for Friday prayersTwo mosques at the centre of the New Zealand terror attacks that resulted in the deaths of 50 people won't re-open in time for Friday prayers.

Salmonella scare forces egg recall

A salmonella scare has prompted a recall of some egg brands across four states and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of hens.

NZ to ban semi-automatics after shooting

New Zealand will urgently ban military-style semi-automatic rifles, with the government announcing a buyback just days after a shooting at two mosques killed 50 people.

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