Business Council wants reforming budget

The Business Council of Australia wants to see a reforming budget when Treasurer Josh Frydenberg hands down his delayed fiscal strategy in a few months time.

Man charged after Bundaberg pub assault

A British national has been charged with grievous bodily harm after a man, he allegedly rabbit-punched, fell and struck with his head on a pot plant and a concrete floor.

Dozens fined afterJindabyne music event

Dozens face hefty fines after police busted up a music event attended by up to 200 people in south-east NSW, as a further 15 new COVID-19 cases were reported in the state.

More countries make face masks mandatory

New rules on wearing masks in England have came into effect, with people entering shops, banks and supermarkets now required to wear face coverings, while Romania reported a record high for daily infections and France announced mandatory testing for arrivals from 16 countries.

Sydney BLM rally is 'not like the footy'

Publicly crying "Black Lives Matter" isn't the same as barracking for the Rabbitohs at a stadium, the lawyer for a Sydney rally organiser has told a judge.

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