So I play third div Cricket in Bundy. In the comp you get some young adults. Tiny young adults of both genders. 

Last year one of the guys in our team, who bowls quite quick, slowed the pace of his bowling. He didn't want to hurt the person batting. He altered his bowling because the person down the other end was little and young. 

Last weekend a different bowler, but equally quick, thundered in and got a diminutive and extremely brave young women out.  

After the dismissal there was a bit of a discussion between the boys. Was that the right way to approach it? The skipper said changing how you bowl would be offensive. Slowing it down would be treating them differently and that they should be treated equally. 


Having seen the same situation played out both ways I'm not sure which is right...

Both arguments have merit. 

What are your thoughts? -Matty #MattyandTrace