imgresTomorrow on the show I am attempting something I have dreamed of since a young child...

To take out a complete week of Pick The Hit wins against Trace. I have never truely believed I could come this close and suspect I have no chance as Trace is a gun. She even told me "you have no chance, you idiot. It can't be done. Choose another dream

No doubt we will both be bringing out the big guns! We have already decided our songs so I can't use this as a tactic to win but what is the greatest song of all time? Your absolute favourite? 

Will a young man fulfill a lifelong ambition tomorrow? Something he could only dream of but never believed could actually happen? Chances are, probably not.

A gentleman named Martin Luther dared to dream once...Sure, his dream was much bigger than mine. But for Martin and all the people who dare to dream. I'm doing this for you! 

Wish me luck you wonderful hopeless dreamers. 


Photo from: wikipedia