To whom it may concern...

Dear Friend,

I have a small request.    

If you don't really mind who wins in the Manly V Panthers game may I suggest cheering for the Sea Eagles...

Here me out.

 I don't like Manly. I feel dirty for just suggesting it BUT a win for Manly is a win for charity.

My Tips For Charity Multi includes the Roosters, Manly and The Sharks. I'm in a bit of a purple patch at the moment so you never know...  

So as you sit back, relax, perhaps enjoying a well earned frothy and have nobody to cheer for in tonight's game. Just remember... a win for Manly is a win for charity. 24809543192 357267d574 b

Plus Trace is a terrible tipster so keeping the tips away from her means a greater chance of more sweet charity coin. 

Back-to-back successful Multi's may have the side-effect of shameless bragging and general insufferable behavior but Trace is happy to deal with that. For the good of charity. I'm pretty sure. 

Yours Sincerely,