For Just $30 On A Qantas Flight, No More Stinky Stranger Neighbour!

September 12, 2022 11:12 pm in by
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Hold on to your neck pillow as this could very well be the best plane ticket “add-on” you’ve seen in ages! 

You know how it goes; you’ve waited in line at the airport with a bunch of strangers to board your flight. You’re not even on the plane yet and your fellow passengers are already somehow annoying you… 

The loud group of boys turned animals that have already had too much to drink on a buck’s party trip, the new parents with a toddler and the sound of a screaming baby you can’t even block out with the best noise cancelling headphone money can buy.

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Perfect start to your air travel… 

You shuffle down the tight aisle waiting for people to shove their oversized carry-on luggage into the overhead locker whilst revealing way too much hairy belly than you asked for, and then you see it. 

“FML” is the only thing running through your mind as you spot what’s left of your middle seat, between Heather Have ‘a’ chat, and one of the armrest-hogging drunk buck’s party animals…   

Finally, these days could be over! For just $30, Qantas is now letting you buy the seat next to you on short flights. This revolution in personal space Qantas has called “neighbour free” and is currently being trialled on select domestic economy Qantas flights.  

Of course, this isn’t quite as simple as it sounds…  

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Apparently purchasing a “neighbour free” seat is only available by invitation within 48 hours of your scheduled departure time. So yeah, you’ll still have the nightmares of being squished up against screaming baby lady until a couple of days out. 

If you ask me, sounds like it’s a last-minute money maker on Qantas’s end to jag a little bit of cash out of the seats that weren’t likely to sell a couple of days prior to take-off. 

Surely this means that you could roll the dice on your chances of that spare seat next to you not selling anyway, and getting the extra leg, arm and possibly sneaky fart room, without being an extra $30 out of pocket? 

That being said, if you’re the sort of flier who would rather not have to climb over a complete stranger to get the bathroom at 36,000 feet, I’d say the “neighbour free” option could definitely personal space saver you’ve been dreaming of! 


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