G'day mate, how well do you know your Aussie slang?

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Are you dinky-di and fluent in speaking ‘Strayan? Take the test to see how much dingo-lingo you actually know!

Us Aussies are known for our distinct slang words, with a tendency to rhyme or shorten words just for the hell of it.

We love an absurd phrase, or to draw comparisons between people and wild animals, and almost everyone is your mate!

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From servo and smoko to arvo and bottleo, we know that ending words with ‘O’ is a stroke of linguistical genius.

We’re also fond of cutting words short to add an ‘ee’ sound too (see sunnies, choccy, Chrissie or brolly).

So, let’s see if you’re as fair dinkum as you think, or if you’re actually a stubbie short of a six pack!

Take the test now.

Quiz Time

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Give yourself one point for every word/statement you know:

  1. Can’t be stuffed
  2. On ya
  3. Budgie Smugglers
  4. Do the Harry
  5. Balls up
  6. Bludger
  7. Chinwag
  8. Woop Woop
  9. Fang it
  10. Go troppo
  11. Sanga
  12. Grommet
  13. Have a Captain Cook
  14. Have a roo loose in the top paddock
  15. Accadacca
  16. Bloody oath
  17. Ankle biter
  18. Cab Sav
  19. Banana Bender
  20. Legless
  21. Spit The Dummy
  22. Aussie Salute
  23. Bushman’s alarm clock
  24. Dog’s Breakfast
  25. Furphy
  26. Dusty
  27. Chockers
  28. Chuck a sickie
  29. Pash rash
  30. Old mate



  1. Can’t be stuffed – Can’t be bothered
  2. On ya – Good on you
  3. Budgie Smugglers – Men’s swimming trunks
  4. Do the Harry – Getting the hell out
  5. Balls up – Everything has gone completely wrong
  6. Bludger – A lazy person
  7. Chinwig – To have a casual chat
  8. Woop Woop – The middle of nowhere
  9. Fang it – To go very fast
  10. Go troppo – Go crazy
  11. Sanga – Sandwich
  12. Grommet – A young surfer
  13. Have a Captain Cook – Have a look
  14. Have a roo loose in the top paddock – A person who is not very smart or intellectual
  15. Accadacca – ACDC the band
  16. Bloody oath – A way of signifiying agreement or astoundment
  17. Ankle biter – A young child
  18. Cab Sav – Cabernet Sauvignon (wine)
  19. Banana Bender – A Queenslander
  20. Legless – Drunk or intoxicated
  21. Spit The Dummy – To get upset
  22. Aussie Salute – Waving your arm to shoo flies away
  23. Bushman’s alarm clock – A laughing Kookaburra
  24. Dog’s Breakfast – A complete mess or lacking appeal
  25. Furphy – A lie
  26. Dusty – Hungover
  27. Chockers – Very full
  28. Chuck a sickie – Faking a sick day at work
  29. Pash Rash – Inflammation of the skin caused by kissing someone with stubble or a beard
  30. Old mate – Someone whose name you can’t remember
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Now please enjoy a bunch of non-Aussies taking a stab at what they think some of these dinky-di phrases mean.

Images: Pixabay

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