Heardle is Wordle with music and it’s just as addictive!

March 8, 2022 10:25 am in by

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Have you heard about the latest Wordle-type puzzle?

If you can hear a song and recognise it within the first few seconds, then we guarantee this game will be music to your ears!

The game is called Heardle and the goal is to work out the daily song by listening only to its intro.

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You get to hear the first 16 seconds, but of course there’s a twist – the 16 seconds are unlocked bit by bit and you only have six guesses.

heardle how to play

At the start of the game you’ll only hear the first second of the song. Yes, one single second. And if you guess it right, you’re crowned a musical virtuoso (take a bow).

If you guess wrong you’ll move onto your next guess. You can also choose to skip if you’re stuck – you’re not forced to guess each time.

A little bit more of the song gets unlocked every time you guess or skip as you work your way through your guesses.

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From the initial 1 second, it then plays 2 seconds, 4 seconds, 7 seconds, 11 seconds…until finally you unlock the full 16 seconds of the song intro but it’s also your sixth and final guess.

But even if you recognise the tune, you still have to know the artist or song title so you can search for it in the database to make your guess.

The songs are semi-randomly picked from the most streamed songs of the last 10 years.

So you won’t have to dig too far into the musical archives, but you will need to be up with relatively recent songs from a wide variety of artists – some you may not even listen to.

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So it probably pays to have diverse musical tastes.

Though some might argue that not guessing the song is a good thing!

The less guesses you need, the better your score, which of course is sharable on social media.

Just like Wordle, your result is displayed with boxes. Your Heardle result shows as a line of six boxes, with a green box indicating where you worked out the song. The sooner the green box appears, the quicker you guessed the song.

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And just like Wordle, there’s only one song to guess per day so you can play it and move onto other things – or perhaps to the thousand other Wordle clone puzzles that may have overtaken your life!

The creators say their game was created for a small group of friends and has “somehow gained millions of players overnight. Honestly we’re overwhelmed”. Sound familiar? It’s only up to game number 11, but we wonder if they’re looking for the New York Times to buy this one too. Or perhaps Spotify.

Click here to play Heardle.


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