Is your brain male or female?

April 14, 2022 3:33 pm in by

brain illusion

A new illusion will tell you what kind of brain you have

There’s lots of optical illusions on the internet that apparently give us insights about our mind and ways of thinking, what we fear or how creative we are.

We’re not sure how accurate these illusions are, but they sure are fun to do.

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The latest illusion doing the rounds supposedly reveals if your brain is more masculine or feminine.

It involves a black and white silhouette of a person running, and the answer lies in what direction they’re running.

So which brain do you have and what does it mean?

If the person looks like they’re running towards you, then your brain is meant to be masculine.

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And if it looks like they’re running away from you, then your brain is more feminine.

According to Fact Factories, a person with a masculine brain uses reason and analytical skills to solve problems. Forget multi-tasking though, they like focusing on one thing at a time but are a quick learner who focuses all their energy on a task when they’re curious about it.

Someone with a female brain relies on senses more and takes their time when making decisions. They’re creative, are a great multitasker with an amazing memory and can count on their intuition.

But is there really a difference between men’s and women’s brains?

Do you think the illusion proves anything? Humans aren’t so black and white, even if the image above is.

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Also, it turns out a long-term study reported in ScienceDaily earlier this year says no, there isn’t a difference between the brains of men and women.

Rosalind Franklin University neuroscientist Lise Eliot found that “there are no universal, species-wide brain features that differ between the sexes.” Instead, she says the brain is just like any ordinary organ, like the heart or kidneys.

Still, we can’t stop looking at the illusion, and now it keeps changing direction, it’s running towards us and away! What does that even mean? Hmmm…. maybe that our eyes need a rest from all these illusions! 😜

Main image: Twitter/TheAMSportsTalk; Pexels


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