LEGO Turns 90 with World Play Day

August 3, 2022 1:32 am in by

A recent study by the LEGO group has shown a few interesting facts about the amount we play with our kids.

The report titled The Play Well Study points out that despite the power of play being able to strengthen children’s creativity, communication, problem-solving skills and confidence, we’re just not playing enough

One key message to come out of it was that 8 in 10 children wish they could play more with their parents, It’s heartbreaking, and drives home the importance of putting time aside for our family. 

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A day we should all mark in our calendars is the upcoming LEGO celebration of their “World Play Day”  on August 10, dedicated to reminding us and our inner child, (and a couple of those outer ones) that we need to cast off the shackles of work and commitment and play our hearts out. 

This year is really special as the group celebrates 90 Years of LEGO and we’ll all be encouraged to play for 90 minutes on August 10. 

Play makes today’s children better adults of tomorrow and helps them broaden horizons with 9 in 10 parents (88%) thinking that play is important in helping children learn new things, which is nearly as much as the role of school.

The story of the popular product that has stood the test of time dates back to 1932, where in a small workshop in Billund, Denmark, a humble carpenter made a collection of 36 small toys to help the town children to learn about the world.

What began as a passion and took root in Ole Kirk Kristiansen would grow, steadily to today being, year after year and decade after decade into one of the world’s biggest toy companies inspiring millions of children every year!

 It’s a toy that has been unstoppable, and even in today’s video game-obsessed environment, it’s as strong as ever and even finds ways to integrate.

Various enthusiasts around the globe are celebrating in their own way as well.

World-renowned artists like Hebru Brantley have got behind the 90 Minutes of play message.

Even Alicia Keys has traded in the piano for some bricks to play


Or sporting superstar Thierry Henry, who is used to 90 minutes of play on the Football pitch


Look out for huge events on World Play Day. If you are in the area, LEGO Australia is turning Sydney’s Darling Harbour into a playground with 20 life-sized LEGO Minifigures taking over the precinct until 14 August 2022.

Alternatively for families across the nation, Play Hour (and a half!) can still be a priority this World Play Day from home with lots of fun, creative play ideas at or shared via #LEGO90years.



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