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2 Huge New DC Comics Games From FanDome

DC FanDome happened over the weekend and gave us a look at not one but two massive new games based on DC Comics franchises.

First let's talk the Rocksteady officially launching the trailer to show off the upcoming new game – “Suicide Squad”.

The animation used was outstanding and the way that the characters interacted had many people saying that this 4 minutes was better than the whole 2016 movie.

This will be set in the same mythology as thier famed "Batman: Arkham" collection and is a 1-4 player co-op.However in the single player mode you'll have AI assistance and the ability to switch between members at any time.

The second big game was also met with lot's of fanfare.

Warner Bros. Games Montreal showcased “Batman: Gotham Knights,” another follow-up to the “Batman: Arkham” game franchise.

In this new game, Bruce Wayne has just died and sent out a message to Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood to all take over the mantle of hero to Gotham which will ultimately lead to a clash with the evil secret society the "Court of Owls".

If you think you can't have a Batman game without Batman, you might have another think coming. These 4 characters are the heart and soul of the comics and will bring so much to the franchise as playable characters.

It will also feature single and co-op play with more advanced gameplay than the previous Arkham games. It's set for release in 2021.