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Jurassic World Aftermath - Exclusive VR Game for Oculus Quest

The new trailer has been released for “Jurassic World Aftermath,” a new VR (virtual reality) game exclusively available on the Oculus Quest 1/2 from today.

This new title is created using cell-shaded graphics to give it a comic book look and feel and takes place between the two “Jurassic World” films as you follow a professional smuggler who crashlands on Isla Nublar and is tasked with recovering valuable information on the island.

You soon find yourself trapped in one of the abandoned research facilities and you guessed it those nasty velociraptors are hungry.

Mike from the VR Oasis Youtube channel has already been hands-on and uploaded his review where he says this is only half of the game and you'll see the second half as paid DLC in 2021.