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Netflix Expands Empire into Gaming

Netflix executives have hinted about a bigger move into the video game world as they actively expand licensing and merchandising of their original series and films.

While the company has "dabbled in games in the past, it seems they are ready to be a bit more aggressive in the area. This doesn't mean they will necessarily be building consoles to compete with Sony and Microsoft but rather designing games to play on those consoles and PC.

We've seen what they can do when they are playing in the area with games like “Stranger Things 3”.

However, if they expand into other IP there is unlimited potential for players to invest more in the stories of their favourite shows in a different art form. 

Can you imagine games based on "Bridgerton" or "Grace and Frankie"? Perhaps a chess game based on "The Queens Gambit".

Although it is more likely we will see action games using IP like "Cobra Kai" or "The Old Guard".

Cyberpunk style games based on "Altered Carbon" or kids platform games using a series like "Trollhunters".