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New DualSense Controller Colours for PS5

You might not be able to get a hold of the PS5 console but PlayStation has just announced new colours for the DualSense controllers.

Midnight Black features two subtly different shades of black with light grey detailing to reflect the vision of space through the night sky, and Cosmic Red offers a striking black and red design inspired by the unique vivid shades of red found throughout the cosmos.

Watch the brief promo trailer for the new colours above and naturally, it has people talking about official Sony black and red colour plates for the PS5 console itself becoming available. Unfortunately, Sony hasn't let on any info on that yet.

It does make a lot of sense for them though as third party products were available at launch day, however, be careful using them as they may void your warranty. 

One thing is for sure, these new controllers look amazing, so now there's a massive choice to make when choosing how you play.