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Bombshell Review

bombshell slide

Bombshell is a new semi rpg title that has all the energy and explosiveness that is familiar with a 3D realms game.

The player controls Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison, a member of the Global Defense Force.

Her career is abruptly brought to an end after an event titled "the Washington Incident", which caused her to lose her arm and her team.

Shelly is then offered a new contract by a private military contractor and offered a second chance and a new mechanical arm.

Her mission.. Save the president! (it's very "Escape from New York")

The boss battles are big but ultimatly easy and the levels look amazing and have heaps going on all at once.

The humour in the game is very similar to other 3D realms titles, an attitude that borders on wrong, but at times really funny.

This is probably the fastest paced game out now and is a good time til the next AAA title

3 out of 5 - Game On