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Street Fighter 5 Review



There’s no doubt about it, from the moment you play the new Street Fighter 5 you know you are playing the nex-gen of fighters, the game is absolutely stunning.

Familiar characters are brought to life in a bright and colourful graphically superior way and the handling of the controls is quite good as well.

Be warned you may get a bit distracted by the world in the background of most levels as in true street fighter fashion there is plenty of random and sometimes comical stuff going on, this is great though especially if you are playing in a group and waiting for your turn.

As a fighting game, it's good but not my favourite, in fact it's probably not even in my top 5, The overall content of the game is lacking but the few new characters are very playable.


Best played in a group or online Street Fighter 5 is a 3 out of 5