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Far Cry Primal Review


Far Cry Primal is a welcome move away from the gun blazing shooter, this time taking us on a journey to 10,000 BC, the savage Stone Age.

A period in history ruled by massive beasts like the vicious Saber Tooth Tiger and the enormous woolly mammoth and inhabited by ancient primative tribes that are constantly at war.

The Far Cry series is known for breaking the mould a bit, when FarCry 3 was released there was a great companion game called Blood Dragon set in an 80’s vision of the future, so it’s great that this full featured game takes us to another sandbox world we wouldn't normally see but can fully explore. 


The gameplay follows the same “far cry” elements we are familiar with using vision quests along with hunting and gathering to grow your character, then eventually using your power to reunite your lost clan.

The story is good too, it does enough to make sure you feel attached to the characters and want to achieve goals for them, something that Farcry 3 did much better than 4.

Controlling the animal beasts is the most fun, hunting with your wolf or riding your bear, you grow attached to your beast and learning to use thier abilitys is hours of fun.

Weapons are varied considering the lack of guns and when I really thought about it, I pretty sure I spent most of the previous Far Cry games using a bow and arrow anyway so you don't really miss the firepower.

Far Cry Primal is a 4 out of 5