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Quantum Break Review


The new action adventure title Quantum Break really blurs the line between television and video games. It creates a really powerful sci-fi drama that becomes almost choose your own adventure without breaking the pace of the story. How you play the game shapes a personalized version of the television show. Then by watching the show it will open your eyes to new strategies and insights that will impact the way you play the game. It sounds somewhat confusing but is just brilliant.

If you thought the bending and shaping of time was going to be similar to Max Payne then you couldn't be more wrong, this is even better, in fact it's one of the most advanced unique takes on visual effects I've ever seen.

The creators previous titles were Max Payne and the brilliant Alan Wake (one of my favourite titles), so you know that this is going to be great, add to that the amazing cast list including Shawn Ashmore and Marshall Allman and you have the next level of TV Video Game entertainment.

Quantum Break is a 5 out of 5