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Uncharted 4 Review


I’m going to put it out there, NO GAME LOOKS AS GOOD as Uncharted 4.



This is one series that really knows how to turn the graphics up to maximum. The magnificent scenery of every country in the world that you visit and the unbelievable realism of movement from the main character really makes this game more of an interactive blockbuster movie than a simple video game.


Uncharted has become so much more over the years than the Tombraider clone it was mistakenly refered to as on its first release. This is the 4th and possibly last instalment in the series and if it is, which I doubt. It is going out on an absolute high.



The gameplay is refined to perfection, the cinematic transition from scene to scene gives it that movie feel and the voice acting is probably the best of any game.


Uncharted 4 only suffers from getting a bit samey in the final moments of the game but it's not broken, so don’t fix it.


Uncharted 4: A Thief's end is a 5 out of 5